-3 Customer with bell and strip anneal furnaces who needed upgraded atmosphere control panels.

-Data and video feed from plant floor to motion trigger HACCP temp sensitive zones for food mfg. plant.

-2 Customers who needed precision cold gas generators (+/-1'F at 20 SCFM from -100 to -80). The system consisted of Liquid Nitrogen mixed with ambient or heated N2 gas for 1 system and CO2 flashed across an orifice for another.

-Bottling customer requiring a simple high speed Liquid Nitrogen system to drop LIN into bottles at 1200/min. The PLC code was 500 rungs long, did speed and positioning on the fly and scan time was reduced to 6ms.

-Methanol/Nitrogen blending panel for carbon probe case hardening heat treat customer.

-Conversion of several Food freezing tunnels from Carbon Dioxide to Nitrogen (or vice versa).

-Creation of a single chamber pressure builder/phase separator that allowed running low pressure gas through high pressure sized orifices.

-Flow modeling and burner design for an external mix Oxy fuel burner for 3 waste fuel kiln applications.

-Implementation of an air/oxy/fuel control system that was a low cost retrofit of existing burners.

-Addition of simple CO analysis and hi/low gas valve tuning to optimize tube fired radiant burners for a heat treat customer.

-Gas cracker/waste fuel blender for a waste to energy plant.

-Design, Programming, Fabrication, Installation of a dual PLC redundant true watt sensing lime slaker for an emissions control requirement.

-Design, Programming, Fabrication, Installation of a 20 HP Micron counter rotating PIN mill including cryogenic controls, vacuum jacketed piping and VFD motor controls for a toll grinding customer.

-Design, Programming, Fabrication, Installation of 2 Retrofit Oxt-Fuel cast iron horizontal (torpedo) furnace control panels.

-Overfire oxygen enrichment of a scrap aluminum reverb furnace to consume off gas BTU valued vapors from side hearth flue.

-Installation of piping, PLC controls, control valve for a Chrome ORE grinding operation.

-Retrofit of a simple conveyor to a fan cooled post cool tunnel with temp control.


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