Magneto Mechanical will investigate your needs, pains, desires and goals, and create a relationship with you and your company.

We will use this relationship to vest our success with yours, seeking the best possible/reasonable engineering solution tailored to your needs. We will take into account your company's growth potential, long term and short term goals, cash position and project time line.

Our skilled team of piping, controls, process, fabrication, machining and design specialists will work with your maintenance, engineering production and quality departments to create a solution that addresses your immediate needs, offering additional benefits and value to the project and ensuring the justification for capital. The project will be designed to accommodate future expansion and unforeseen needs.

If the project requires civil approval or PE stamping, we work with our affiliate design PE to review or take ownership of, approve, design and build your system.

Magneto Mechanical is intimately familiar with NFPA Combustion, Electrical, Industrial Gas, Heat Treating, and Explosion proofing codes, and has compiled design files for systems built for CE approval.

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